The International Piano Competition "FAUSTO ZADRA"- Città di Abano Terme, now in its 9th edition, is born in 2004 thanks to the italian pianist Achille Gallo to honor the memory of the great Italo-Argentine pianist Fausto Zadra, one of the most extraordinary artist and pedagogue of the 20th century. A great Pianist and a great Master who has been able to transmit his great art and his teachings without compromise and without borders first as an internationally renowned pianist, treating the major international stages all over the world and winning success and fame among the public and international critics, and later as a great Master of Pianistic Art through his work as teacher, transmitting to generations of young musicians with great vocational sense, altruism and passion his important and precious inheritance assimilated in the great piano schools of his masters Vincenzo Scaramuzza and Carlo Zecchi. In his brief earth race ended at the age of 67 with the tragic death in 2001 during a concert at the “Teatro Ghione” in Rome, Fausto Zadra enchanted with his interpretations anyone who had the chance to listen to him in concert. The famous French critic Bernard Gavoty in 1968 described in the newspaper "Le Figaro" his legendary touch as "... a dream on the tip of the fingers". After years of career at the highest levels Fausto Zadra began to devote himself intensely to teaching in his International Academy at Villa "Le Rivage" in Lausanne, on the shores of Geneva Lake where he continued until the end of his days his work of development and dissemination of great Piano Art



Artistic Director&Founder
International Pianist and Professor

“… A pianist full of passioni and exciting technically capable of reaching the top of expressiveness beyond any possible expectation” (American Record Guide).

“..A poet of the Piano between the Chopin Valzers” (Bernardino Zappa – “L’Eco di Bergamo”- Italy)

Eclectic musician, imaginative, passionate, unconventional, far from academic formalisms he sinks the roots of his music training in the tradition of the great piano schools (Vincenzo Scaramuzza and Carlo Zecchi traditions) under the leadership of the great Argentinian pianist and pedagogue Fausto Zadra at the prestigious “Ecole Internationale de Piano” in Switzerland. He is considered one of the Italian leading pianists of his generation. Finalist and awarded in national and international competitions in 1994 he has been Solo- Finalist at the “International Piano Competition Eduard Flipse” in Rotterdam (Netherlands), only Italian in history of the competition. Achille Gallo is concertizing extensively as solo pianist, chamber music performers and with orchestra in international Piano Festivals (Rotterdam, Venice, Valencia, Brussels, Istanbul, Moscow, Vancouver, Rome, Lausanne) and prestigious Concert Halls. His discography boasts 6 CDs for prestigious record labels such as Neos Music GmbH, Velut Luna, Phoenix Classics, Xclassics Records which include the complete chamber music of Frank Bridge and Frederic Chopin receiving flattering appreciation from international press (Diapason Revue, Classical CD, Gramophone Magazine, Notes, net, American Record Guide , Music Web International Review,Classic Voice, Skug Journal of Music, Colonnesonore.net, Dissonance). Professor Gallo was nominated National President of the WPTA-World Piano Teachers Association for ITALY (WPTA ITALY) in December 2017.

He is Founder and Artistic Director of the International Piano Competition “FAUSTO ZADRA” (member of the AAF Alink Argerich Foundation) and he serves often as Jury member in prestigious international piano competitions all over the World. Piano Professor at the European Piano Open Academy in the Advanced Yearly Master Courses for Professional Performers in Italy he gives regularly international master classes in Italy, Spain, Russia, Serbia, etc. The USA website “Classical Pianist of the future” has included Achille Gallo in the “Top 155 Pianist of the future” as “a Master of the piano considered an influential and prominent figure in the world music industry”. In October 2018 it will be release his last CD with the complete Chopin Waltzes by Xclassics Records. His schedule 2018/2019 will see him engaged as concert pianist, Jury Member and Piano Professor in USA, Canada, Belgium, Norway, China, Italy.